Saturday, January 11, 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :) 

Raining on a winter day is so not Russia. The temperature had risen back to positive. No more snow falling from the sky, no more whitish road and the alleys are now coated back in their tar-color. I always wonder, where does the white goes when the snow melts?


I was scrolling my 'ef bee' home few nights ago and I was attracted with this :

Be grateful for every single person who was part of your story. 
The ones who hurt you, the ones who helped you. 
The ones who came, and the ones who left. 
They all taught you. Never think that it was random. 
It was just some perfectly crafted chapters in each unique journey

Well, what I can say is that each and every single thing that happened in our life has its own reason. Sooner or later, we will see their silver linings. Every time when I think of my past, I felt like slapping my own face. 
 * Huh serious? Okay fine, too hyperbolic. I will never slap my own face haha
But to be positive, takkan ada manusia berdosa yang tidak punya masa depan, dan takkan ada manusia sempurna yang tidak punya masa silam. I always have my mind set on that. So people, lets forgive each other and forget the past, for holding grudge is so not cool okay? :)


Hoi makcik syeera, hang takdak kheja ka? hang patut doq study ceq oiiii. Hang tak bukak insta, hang tak bukak efff beee, tapi hang tulis blog. Pasaipa syeera pasaipaaaaaaaa?? Ok ok. Studying now. Tata peeps!

Ps : Pray for our upcoming winter exams ok? Biar semua cemerlang dan terbilang. Amin.^^