Saturday, July 30, 2016

Preggy house officer :)

Assalamualaikum wbt
Peace be upon you :)

Lamanyaaaa tak jenguk blog ni. *ish ish ish* Bukan sebab dah tawar hati, tapi sebenarnya masa yang mencemburui. In my previous entry, konon-konon nak cerita pasal honeymoon trip? Tapi yang ada hanyalah debu. *hurmmmmm* Bukan sebab diri ini dah malas, tapi sebenarnya banyak tanggungjawab yang perlu digalas.  >.< 

But after all, Alhamdulillah for everything that came into my life from the beginning up until now. Graduated from med school on Jun last year, tied the knot with my love on August, got pregnant 3 months after that, and finally received a job placement in Hospital Tawau, Sabah few months later. How beautiful the story Allah wrote for me. Alhamdulillah :')

Ramai yang cakap, 

"Wahhh dah nak jadi mummy. Untungnya muda-muda lagi dah ada anak"

Tak kurang juga yang cakap, 

"Ehhh mengandung dah?" 

"Planned or unplanned?"

"Alahaii macam manalah nak kerja nanti? Doktor kan busy"

"Lari sana sini, Makan pun tak sempat. Kenapalahhh tak merancang?"

But heyyy. Mereka lupa agaknya, yang sebaik-baik perancang itu adalah Allah. Sungguh, rahsia di setiap kejadian dan peraturan Allah itu sangat indah. Jadi, bersangka baik itu lebih manis. 

Siapa sangka, Allah permudahkan setiap satu urusan saya sebagai seorang 'house officer'. Bawak perut membulat dan makin memberat ke sana sini, turun naik tangga, jalan sana sini. Tipulah kalau saya kata tak pernah kena marah, tak pernah menangis. Pernah. Banyak kali. Tapi, di sebalik semua itu, sebenarnya tanpa saya sedar, banyak urusan kerja saya dipermudahkan. Punyai rakan sekerja yang sangat baik dan memahami, boss yang sangat prihatin, staff nurses yang dah macam mak sendiri. Bawakkan makanan untuk saya, usap-usap baby bump, bagi tips itu ini. 

Dikurniakan pula suami yang tip top, terbaik. Bila tahu isteri dia dah tak boleh nak aktif buat kerja rumah macam dulu, dah semakin sarat ni, hampir semua kerja rumah dia yang buat. Balik dari oncall, penat-penat pun dia basuh baju, iron baju, lipat baju, kemas bilik, vacuum and mop lantai,. Kadang-kadang tu siap masak untuk isteri dia lagi. Haaa mana nak cari? Mungkin ramai yang dikurniakan suami sebegitu, dan Alhamdulillah saya sangat bertuah kerana saya salah seorang daripadanya.

*Wahai suami, kalau baca ni, jangan menangis terharu pulak ye hehe I love you

Suami saya sekarang ni bertugas di department obstetric & gynaecology (bersalin & sakit puan). Allah dah susun elok di situ, supaya suami saya sendiri boleh sambut anaknya nanti. Cantik kan peraturan Allah?

Pernah suatu ketika, suami saya cakap

"Biarlah abang yang susah dulu posting kat O&G ni, asalkan sayang dan anak kita senang nanti"

*only doctors know how hard O&G is

Pernah juga suatu malam, suami saya tiba-tiba terjaga dari tidur dengan muka risau,

"Sayang dah bersalin dah ke?" 
Padahal isteri dia tengah tidur kat sebelah, lena dibuai mimpi hehehe =.=

Penat kerja ditambah pula dengan isteri yang perut memboyot, terfikir-fikir sampai terbawa ke dalam mimpi hehehe

*Jangan marah ye suami hehe I love you*

Funny it is. But that's how the sugar and spice of our life is. :')

ps : To my little junior inside my tummy, thank you for being so strong and cooperative through out these sweet 38 weeks, putting up with mummy's job as a junior doctor. Tiada siapa kata semua ni mudah, tapi InsyaAllah we will make it through together till the end. :)

pps: My maternity leave just started yesterday (2 weeks earlier than my due date) So, let's rest, fulfill all the nesting instincts and wait for the baby to come. Please pray for me and my baby ok?

 *berdebar tapi tak sabar* :')

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Tied the knot

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :)

Hello everyone. It's been a longggggggggg silence, and finally  I'm back! Horrayyy! I tell you what, it has been seriously a very hectic life for me since the past few months up until now, 55 days since my solemnization day. But despite those busy days, I am really blessed and enjoyed being a wife to someone whom I love so much, whom I care sincerely from my heart. Alhamdulillah. :) 

Puan Nursyahirah Saupi. Sounds nice although I'm still awkward with that title ;) 

I had promised few of my friends that I will keep on updating my wedding preps, but I am terribly sorry that I didn't. Honestly it would be a pleasure for me to share my experiences handling my wedding but time was so so so limited. Just imagine, I only got time to go for a spa treatment just a day before my akad nikah. Oh gosh, see how limited the time was!

So as I promised, here are some short tips to those who are planning to get married. For realization of any event (tak kisahlah majlis apa pun), you should have a planner so that it would turn out as perfect as you wanted it to be (dengan izinNya).  As for me, I made my own planner (do-it-yourself-thingy) and jotted down every single thing about my preparations (check list, senarai barang hantaran, design baju, bridal, photographer, etc), including my account debit/credit. It is easy in that way, because you will  know where your money goes and most important, you can manage your budget! 

So ladies, below I present you my own checklist that I think might help you to figure out where to start. Jot this down into your planner, ladies!  

    1.  Bridal
    2. Venue
    3. Photographer 
    4. Videographer
    5. Catering + canopy (include tables and chairs)
    6. Wedding outfits (bride and groom) for both solemnization and reception
    7. The wedding ring
    8. Dulang hantaran (barang + deco)
    9. Door gifts (guests, VIP)
    10. Wedding cards 
    11. Wedding cake 
    12. Make up artist (solemnization & reception)
    13. Henna
    14. Photobooth deco
    15. Emcee
    16. PA system
    17. List of guests
    18. Wedding songs
    19. Spa & saloon
And here, I would like to talk a bit about my bridal and wedding photographer, because I felt like I'm the luckiest person on earth to receive the best service from the best bridal and the best photographer in town! 

As for the bridal, I took the wedding package from Rins Suzana Bridal. The workers are so friendly and they are very easy to work with. I really love their touch for my pelamin, my wedding dress, my table cake, my hallway decorations! I am so satisfied with their work. I really recommend this bridal to those bride-to-be who are in Kelantan and also in KL (they have 2 branches) and trust me, you will never get disappointed on your big day. 
Go and check their website : 

Next is my wedding photographer, Abg Ayie Nazri. His works are so famous and I think Kelantanese should know him, the sifu in photography. His services' price are very affordable and I really really really really love his work for my wedding! Tip top okayyy. I took 2 events from him, solemnization & reception and I got a free outdoor session. Cool wasn't it? 
                             Website :
                             FB : Ayie Nazri Photography 
                             Instagram : ayienazrie_photography

And here comes the superb wedding photos, as the prove. :)


My engagement was on the same day I got married. We're engaged for only 30mins :) 

Signing the agreement form. 
This is the most touching part, when a father totally gives his responsibilities to another guy. ;')

No pelamin for my solemnization night. Just a simple room decoration. Less is more, right? :)


Pelamin for our reception. I really love the sweet and simple concept from Rins Suzana Bridal. 

Simple candy and photo booth, designed by me. The props, guestbook,  I did everything by myself. 

My handsome lil bro and sweet lil sister as the pengapit

My family, my backbones, my support system, who had really put a lot of effort for my big day. :')

Beloved parents and in laws. 

The beautiful bridesmaids. 

Hantaran which I personally loved the most! Our white coats and stethoscopes. The white coats are from "fa.signature", my all time favorite. Med students & fellow doctors, check out their Instagram!                                        

To those who are planning to get married in a young age (like me, got married right after graduating from med school), don't you ever worry about money or any other problems, because trust me Allah is always there to help us. Keep on asking from Him, keep on praying, and at the same time, keep on putting effort. Plan early & properly. Manage it in a right way. InsyaAllah everything will goes on smoothly. Susah-susah dahulu, sekarang bahagia itu kita punya. :) 

And of His signs is that He created for you spouses from yourselves that you may find tranquility in them, and He placed between you affection and mercy. 
And I had found my tranquility, my other half. Alhamdulillah. :')

 I love you, husband. 

Ps : I'm thinking of what's next on Our honeymoon trip, maybe? ;)  

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Monday, July 6, 2015


Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :) 

3rd July 2015, remarked the day of my graduation. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's mercy I made it to the final step of my medical school. So it's now official, Dr Nursyahirah Saupi M.D  Volgograd State Medical University, Russia. May the strength be with me in future, so that I could be a doctor with the value of ehsan. 

The struggles/ up & downs of 6 years journey, only Allah knows how tough it was. To be honest, I did regret the path I took for few times. Until one point that I was reading my novel (read : thick med school books) but the mind was dreaming of me being a businesswoman, an architect and sometimes even a fashion designer! But acceptance takes time. With the support from so many people around me (especially my parents), I managed to walk through this tough journey. Alhamdulillah. :') 

A smile of glory | Graduation Ceremony VSMU Class of 2015

Hence, this glorious ceremony marked my final chapter here in Volgograd. Leaving this city of heroes within 3 days time. Have you ever once feel like you are eagerly up to something but at the same time it's hard to do it? That's my feeling right now. I am extremely happy to fly back for good, but it's somehow sad to leave this place, the city where I spent my teen years, place where I created many pieces of memory. With no doubt, Russia (specifically Volgograd) will definitely have a special place in my heart, always. :')  

Ps : It's more than halfway through the month of mercy, Ramadhan. So let's be well prepared to enter the last 10 nights and spend this remaining bits wisely. Salam subuh from Volgograd, Russia. 

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Dendeng goreng

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :)

Today marks the day where I had successfully passed 4 out of 5 theoretical and practical skills assessments. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't be more grateful than this, when Allah eases everything for me. And now it's just a step more before I could call myself a doctor. It sounds pretty wow but actually, tough world is waiting for me ahead and to not spoil my euphoric post-exam mood, let's not talk about that 'world' for now. *horrayy jumping up high*

And with a flash of light, we welcomed the first day of Ramadan yesterday. Fasting in Russia is quite challenging as we had to fast for 19 hours. But it does give me a nice experience though. This year, due to my tight schedule (final exams), I 'm pretty sure that I might not have enough time to prepare proper meals for my sahur/iftar. So my mum suggested me to cook "daging dendeng goreng" which can be kept through out the whole month. It was one of family's favorite side dish in Ramadan, a recipe that has been passed down by my grandmother to my mother. And now, it has been passed down to me!

The recipe is so simple that I feel like sharing it here (note that this is not a cooking blog so excuse my akward words hehehe)

1kg beef meat (slice into small pieces)
2 tbs tamarind juice (since I did not have enough of them, I mixed them up with some lemon)
3 ts salt (you might need more. Do not hesitate to use lots of salt as it brings up the flavor)
Sugar to taste

1. Put meat, tamarind juice, salt and a pinch of sugar into the pot. Then, add some water until it covers the meat.
2. Simmer them over low heat until the water dries up (I took for about one hour)
3. Take out meat from the pot and pound lightly slice by slice with a pestle to make them tender.(Jangan tumbuk kuat-kuat, nanti hancur pulak)
4.Heat the oil in frying pan and fry the pounded meat.
5.You may also add some onions and chili /pepper. (I didn't add any)
6. Ready to be kept in containers. For a good storage, make sure its oil-free. (I used lot of tissues to dry up the oil after frying)

This is how it looks like. Ala-ala serunding but in a grumpy version. 

Fact : There are so many ways on how people cook 'daging dendeng'. But the main idea of this dish is drying the meat up, as 'dendeng' is an Indonesian word which means dried meat.

Happy trying and Ramadan kareem everyone :)

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The grandmother

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :)

I had passed my Surgery State Exam yesterday, which left me with three more papers to go. All praises to Him, for easing me with all the procedures and questions during the exam. 

One of the procedures that we had to carry out during the exam was clerking patient. Each of us were given a patient to be currated. Based on the information that we gathered, we had to decide for the right diagnosis and  prescribed our patient with a proper treatment. Tough, it was! 

But alhamdulillah, I was given a very nice grandmother. When I told her that I was sitting for my final exam and I'd to present her case to the professor, she grabbed my hand and said that she will help me with all her might. It was such a blessing to have her cooperating well with me. If not, it will be so hard for me to diagnose her disease, as 80% that makes a right diagnosis is the patient's complaint.

I examined her from top to toe, rained her with so many questions so that I didn't left out any important points and despite her being irritated, she answered to each of my question with not even a sigh. I took 20 minutes clerking and examining her. (according to the rules, I should spend 10 minutes only! But who cares? haha )

When I was trying to puzzle out all the information while thinking of a disease that suits her complaints, she asked me ;

"So doctor, am I going to live?" 
It was a common question in all patient's mind. The atmosphere was in silence for couple of seconds. Because of the language barrier (note that our conversation was in Russian language), it took me few minutes to construct the most comforting sentence to reply to her question.

"Of course you are. Being sick doesn't mean that we have zero chance to live. Sometimes it's just a small hardship that we have to face in life." 

She smiled listening to my answer. And I smiled too. For being a nice patient to me, thank you grandmother. :)

"Barangsiapa yang menempuh perjalanan untuk mencari ilmu, maka Allah akan mudahkan jalannya menuju Syurga" -HR Muslim

May Allah ease me and my colleagues till our very last paper. Amin. 

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sugar and spice

Peace be upon you :) 

Currently I'm waiting for fajr prayer, at 1.35 am which is about 15 minutes more. My brain is stuck in traffic right now, I can't study anymore. And out of a sudden, I feel like creating a new post here. Hence, this entry. 

A year of silence from blogging, when so many things had happened and changed. Some are sugary, some are spicy and some are even bitter, for a better reason.


Last month, I lost my very good friend in a hostel fire in Moscow. She was one of the 9 severely injured victims. She suffered from the fire for almost two weeks and passed away just a month after we met, and approximately two months before her graduation day. It was a sad incidence and the whole world were knocked by her story, the story of a syahaddah. 

When we last met up, she said to me ;
                "InsyaAllah panjang umur kita jumpa lagi ya"
I never thought that sentence would really mean something. If I were to know about that, I would hug her tightly and cry in her arms. But Allah took her in a beautiful way, in such a good ending. Husnul khatimah. 

One beautiful thing about her, she loves to talk about heaven. And now I am so sure that she's smiling brightly over there. I miss you, Ika. Al-Fatihah. :')


Two days ago, I had turned 24. Alhamdulillah. People says, a year older a year wiser. So happy birthday to me! I received so many sweet birthday wishes, and the earliest was of course from my family.

My beloved housemates treated me with a suprise birthday sushi-dinner. I did not expect any birthday celebration since I know everyone are now busy preparing for the finals. But yet, they still have time for me which made me deeply touched. Suprise tu siap ada pakatan sepadu dengan my Mr. A, okay! haha dah pandai main pakat-pakat ye sekarang. :p

Overall, too much sweetness on my birthday. Alhamdulillah.  :')


I'm counting days towards my big day. And I am too excited for it, all the way from a to z!

But I have to first finish my final state exam with flying colors, so that I can start to focus on the preparations with no guilty and restrictions! wehoooo and guess what, the final state exam is just the day after tomorrow! I am so nervous and scared. Mama said ;

"Kalau dah usaha sebaik mungkin, insyaAllah Allah tolong. Usaha yang penting. Mama sentiasa doakan kak long" 
Mama is forever my calamity, after Allah. Man jadda wajada, kan? All the best my dear batchmates. Lagi satu nafas je untuk bergelar "doktor", insyaAllah. May Allah ease us.
"Oh Allah, expand our chest, make our task easy and remove the impediments from our speech. Amin."

Okay times up. Azan subuh dah bunyi. Good bye peeps!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :)

My long-time interest. 
I'll make it real soon.