Thursday, June 11, 2015

The grandmother

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :)

I had passed my Surgery State Exam yesterday, which left me with three more papers to go. All praises to Him, for easing me with all the procedures and questions during the exam. 

One of the procedures that we had to carry out during the exam was clerking patient. Each of us were given a patient to be currated. Based on the information that we gathered, we had to decide for the right diagnosis and  prescribed our patient with a proper treatment. Tough, it was! 

But alhamdulillah, I was given a very nice grandmother. When I told her that I was sitting for my final exam and I'd to present her case to the professor, she grabbed my hand and said that she will help me with all her might. It was such a blessing to have her cooperating well with me. If not, it will be so hard for me to diagnose her disease, as 80% that makes a right diagnosis is the patient's complaint.

I examined her from top to toe, rained her with so many questions so that I didn't left out any important points and despite her being irritated, she answered to each of my question with not even a sigh. I took 20 minutes clerking and examining her. (according to the rules, I should spend 10 minutes only! But who cares? haha )

When I was trying to puzzle out all the information while thinking of a disease that suits her complaints, she asked me ;

"So doctor, am I going to live?" 
It was a common question in all patient's mind. The atmosphere was in silence for couple of seconds. Because of the language barrier (note that our conversation was in Russian language), it took me few minutes to construct the most comforting sentence to reply to her question.

"Of course you are. Being sick doesn't mean that we have zero chance to live. Sometimes it's just a small hardship that we have to face in life." 

She smiled listening to my answer. And I smiled too. For being a nice patient to me, thank you grandmother. :)

"Barangsiapa yang menempuh perjalanan untuk mencari ilmu, maka Allah akan mudahkan jalannya menuju Syurga" -HR Muslim

May Allah ease me and my colleagues till our very last paper. Amin. 

Cahaya Termasyhur