Friday, June 19, 2015

Dendeng goreng

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :)

Today marks the day where I had successfully passed 4 out of 5 theoretical and practical skills assessments. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't be more grateful than this, when Allah eases everything for me. And now it's just a step more before I could call myself a doctor. It sounds pretty wow but actually, tough world is waiting for me ahead and to not spoil my euphoric post-exam mood, let's not talk about that 'world' for now. *horrayy jumping up high*

And with a flash of light, we welcomed the first day of Ramadan yesterday. Fasting in Russia is quite challenging as we had to fast for 19 hours. But it does give me a nice experience though. This year, due to my tight schedule (final exams), I 'm pretty sure that I might not have enough time to prepare proper meals for my sahur/iftar. So my mum suggested me to cook "daging dendeng goreng" which can be kept through out the whole month. It was one of family's favorite side dish in Ramadan, a recipe that has been passed down by my grandmother to my mother. And now, it has been passed down to me!

The recipe is so simple that I feel like sharing it here (note that this is not a cooking blog so excuse my akward words hehehe)

1kg beef meat (slice into small pieces)
2 tbs tamarind juice (since I did not have enough of them, I mixed them up with some lemon)
3 ts salt (you might need more. Do not hesitate to use lots of salt as it brings up the flavor)
Sugar to taste

1. Put meat, tamarind juice, salt and a pinch of sugar into the pot. Then, add some water until it covers the meat.
2. Simmer them over low heat until the water dries up (I took for about one hour)
3. Take out meat from the pot and pound lightly slice by slice with a pestle to make them tender.(Jangan tumbuk kuat-kuat, nanti hancur pulak)
4.Heat the oil in frying pan and fry the pounded meat.
5.You may also add some onions and chili /pepper. (I didn't add any)
6. Ready to be kept in containers. For a good storage, make sure its oil-free. (I used lot of tissues to dry up the oil after frying)

This is how it looks like. Ala-ala serunding but in a grumpy version. 

Fact : There are so many ways on how people cook 'daging dendeng'. But the main idea of this dish is drying the meat up, as 'dendeng' is an Indonesian word which means dried meat.

Happy trying and Ramadan kareem everyone :)

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  1. Hebatnya. Resipi turun temurun. Selamat berpuasa Syeera :)

    1. Hajar! heheh selamat berpuasa jugak..and happy graduation in advance 😘