Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sugar and spice

Peace be upon you :) 

Currently I'm waiting for fajr prayer, at 1.35 am which is about 15 minutes more. My brain is stuck in traffic right now, I can't study anymore. And out of a sudden, I feel like creating a new post here. Hence, this entry. 

A year of silence from blogging, when so many things had happened and changed. Some are sugary, some are spicy and some are even bitter, for a better reason.


Last month, I lost my very good friend in a hostel fire in Moscow. She was one of the 9 severely injured victims. She suffered from the fire for almost two weeks and passed away just a month after we met, and approximately two months before her graduation day. It was a sad incidence and the whole world were knocked by her story, the story of a syahaddah. 

When we last met up, she said to me ;
                "InsyaAllah panjang umur kita jumpa lagi ya"
I never thought that sentence would really mean something. If I were to know about that, I would hug her tightly and cry in her arms. But Allah took her in a beautiful way, in such a good ending. Husnul khatimah. 

One beautiful thing about her, she loves to talk about heaven. And now I am so sure that she's smiling brightly over there. I miss you, Ika. Al-Fatihah. :')


Two days ago, I had turned 24. Alhamdulillah. People says, a year older a year wiser. So happy birthday to me! I received so many sweet birthday wishes, and the earliest was of course from my family.

My beloved housemates treated me with a suprise birthday sushi-dinner. I did not expect any birthday celebration since I know everyone are now busy preparing for the finals. But yet, they still have time for me which made me deeply touched. Suprise tu siap ada pakatan sepadu dengan my Mr. A, okay! haha dah pandai main pakat-pakat ye sekarang. :p

Overall, too much sweetness on my birthday. Alhamdulillah.  :')


I'm counting days towards my big day. And I am too excited for it, all the way from a to z!

But I have to first finish my final state exam with flying colors, so that I can start to focus on the preparations with no guilty and restrictions! wehoooo and guess what, the final state exam is just the day after tomorrow! I am so nervous and scared. Mama said ;

"Kalau dah usaha sebaik mungkin, insyaAllah Allah tolong. Usaha yang penting. Mama sentiasa doakan kak long" 
Mama is forever my calamity, after Allah. Man jadda wajada, kan? All the best my dear batchmates. Lagi satu nafas je untuk bergelar "doktor", insyaAllah. May Allah ease us.
"Oh Allah, expand our chest, make our task easy and remove the impediments from our speech. Amin."

Okay times up. Azan subuh dah bunyi. Good bye peeps!

Cahaya termasyhur



  1. I wish you all the best for your state exam, Syeera! Also, I'd be interested to read if you record your preparations for your big day. But I know it's a lot of effort, so it's entirely up to you :)

    1. Ezzah! hehehe insyaAllah I was planning to record 'em too, if I have plenty of time. Thank you Ezzah for the suggestion! And you, keep on writing. I'll be your favourite visitor! hehe :)