Monday, July 6, 2015


Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Peace be upon you :) 

3rd July 2015, remarked the day of my graduation. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's mercy I made it to the final step of my medical school. So it's now official, Dr Nursyahirah Saupi M.D  Volgograd State Medical University, Russia. May the strength be with me in future, so that I could be a doctor with the value of ehsan. 

The struggles/ up & downs of 6 years journey, only Allah knows how tough it was. To be honest, I did regret the path I took for few times. Until one point that I was reading my novel (read : thick med school books) but the mind was dreaming of me being a businesswoman, an architect and sometimes even a fashion designer! But acceptance takes time. With the support from so many people around me (especially my parents), I managed to walk through this tough journey. Alhamdulillah. :') 

A smile of glory | Graduation Ceremony VSMU Class of 2015

Hence, this glorious ceremony marked my final chapter here in Volgograd. Leaving this city of heroes within 3 days time. Have you ever once feel like you are eagerly up to something but at the same time it's hard to do it? That's my feeling right now. I am extremely happy to fly back for good, but it's somehow sad to leave this place, the city where I spent my teen years, place where I created many pieces of memory. With no doubt, Russia (specifically Volgograd) will definitely have a special place in my heart, always. :')  

Ps : It's more than halfway through the month of mercy, Ramadhan. So let's be well prepared to enter the last 10 nights and spend this remaining bits wisely. Salam subuh from Volgograd, Russia. 

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